Sweet Shop Dreams

I rode on a carriage of peaches and cream
Through marshmallow mountains on high,
Hopped off at the corner of coconut dream
Where the sweetest milk fuelled me to fly.

As I soared through the haze of a peppermint glaze
My taste buds they tingled with glee,
I was lost in the joy of my sweetie shop maze
As I sailed on a rainbow drop sea.

Then onto a river that set me a quiver
When I dived in a chocolate pool,
A nutty explosion, could more than deliver
As I found myself starting to drool.

On board my canoe made of sweet, sticky choux
I travelled the custard-filled hills,
Taking in the delights of a cookie dough goo
Where I sampled the thrill of the spills.

My journey now over, I lay my sweet head
In my fantasy world that I built
As I rest in the warmth of my liquorice bed
And my candyfloss pillow and quilt.

A Lover’s Touch

His fingers dance in darkness on her spine
Each movement seeking virgin skin to touch,
An architect of gentlest design
A rhythmic masterpiece, almost too much.

Strong hands caress the softness of her back
As chess-like tactics keep her senses high,
She melts like liquid gold, cannot keep track
If this is heaven then please let her die.

She feels the tingle from collar to hip
Electric current pulsing through her bones
Her body soothed as she begins to slip
Far from reality to great unknowns.

And though his touch is fading she’ll remember
The love he showed in guiding her to slumber.


You creep my skin like the beast you are
Burrowing, burrowing till you taste my blood.
One score year, the battle raged;
Fighting, fighting
On the canvas of my life.
An ageing boxing ring, where ropes
are frayed to the point of imminent victory.
Shall I accept defeat, to leave you victorious
Or should I fight on.
I am tired now.
Tired of anger crippling my veins,
My head pulsating to the point of inevitable rupture.
Your relentless pursuit has been worth it,
For you are the victor, and I,
I am your kill.
As I lay here in the coldness of truth
The darkness shifts.
You are in me,
Yet, for the first time
In what feels like forever, I am
Almost certain that
I can see the light.

Springtime Explosion – Tritina

Spring arrives in blossom tree explosion
As cherry petals fall to kiss the earth
Of mother nature’s skirt of green and gold.

Beneath the tree the shades of sunshine gold
Brighten days in colour burst explosion
As yellow heads pop up to greet the earth.

As mother calls a rainbow to the earth
To glow and grow below the rays of gold
Her skirt becomes a vast and bright explosion.

Now mother earth is bathing in the gold of Spring’s explosion.

Look At Me

What do you see when you look at me,
a girl with paper dreams that
break free, like dandelion wishes
into the vast space between earth and sky.

Do you see the girl who cries,
about love and loss
and love’s lost behind
a veil of disillusion,
a wall of secrets and confusion.

Messed up, guesswork,
do you undress me
with your pleading eyes,
not for gratification
but validation that
a drum beats behind the wall.

Small and insignificant,
I cannot meet your lofty gaze,
How can I walk the tightrope
between truth and lies,
exposure comes from honest eyes.

I am looking at you
are you looking at me,
what do you see
what do you see.

Strength Of Man

A strong man will not boast of his own worth
Nor will he carry weight to show his power,
In times of need is when he will come forth
To show his strength and light the darkest hour.
With lion-heart and noble mind he will
Offer himself without a show of wrath,
He’ll dissipate your woes and troubles till
It’s safe to place you back upon life’s path.
He will not ask for favours in return
No payment is required for his gift,
From him there is a lesson you must learn.
Remember as you feel your worries lift,
That strength of man comes in your time of need
A selfless act becomes his greatest deed.

Unnatural Beauty

She tried to find perfection in her size six skinny jeans
Her expectations lived inside her glossy magazines,
En vogue she’d greet the morning with a shot of sweet caffeine
Nourishing her body with the burn of nicotine.

Like patchwork fashion fabrics used to cover broken seams
She lost sight of true beauty, trapped in dark, delusive dreams,
Where teenage girls are forced into unnatural extremes
To meet airbrushed perfection, branded money-making schemes.

She wore her lashes long and thick, to hide her sunken eyes
If only they’d distort the mirror image she despised,
Vanity, vulgarity, a counterfeit disguise
To mask the girl who sought the truth in beauty and in size.

Breaking Down The Barriers

This sword I hold awaits your fall from grace

For it has sworn protection to my heart,

Each stab and jab will force you to retreat

Ferocity towards you from the start.


In strength, my shield outweighs the need for love

In stateliness it harbours me from pain,

It barricades the pathway to my core

Advancement here will only be in vain.


This armour that I wear is deathly cold

To penetrate would chill you to the bone,

What lies beneath is artic to the soul

Devoid of warmth it needs to be alone.


These walls are soaring high for my security

Their might, provides a refuge for my dreams,

Locked away in shadows for their safety

Far away from love and hope’s regimes.


Behind it all my heart remains, encased

In solid gold long tarnished by despair,

It tones of sapphire blue, it’s wilting slowly

Bruised and broken, weeping for repair.

When Darkness Falls (Villanelle)

When darkness falls upon your dreams, be brave
Allow your inner light to stay aflame,
Do not relinquish hope to night time’s grave.

Hold tight your heart and ride the shadow’s wave
Don’t be seduced by dusk’s possessive game,
When darkness falls upon your dreams, be brave.

Surrendering will leave you but a slave
Your life exposed, a mark against your name,
Do not relinquish hope to night time’s grave.

Hold dear the light, recall the warmth it gave
It’s gift to you, the chance to feel no shame,
When darkness falls upon your dreams, be brave.

Remembering your path is yours to pave
Where life and love have always been your aim,
Do not relinquish hope to night time’s grave.

Be strong for only you alone can save
Yourself from ghosts who try to stake their claim,
When darkness falls upon your dreams be brave
Do not relinquish hope to night time’s grave.

First Light

I watch you in the rising light of dawn
Your strong physique is easy on the eye,
A view to frame before the moment’s gone
I stop to catch my breath, let out a sigh.
Then as the sun awakes to fire the sky
In flame-like tones that set the world alight,
Her rays reflect upon your naked thigh
I’m lost in you, deep passion you ignite.
I savour every second with delight
As right on cue you wake to meet my gaze,
With wide stretched arms you pull my body tight
Against yours, now we’re laying face to face.
I lose myself again within your kiss
If only every day could start like this.